We love new Whisky day! This week we are championing Glenfiddich IPA.

This experimental first is the brainchild of Malt Master Brian Kinsman (how do we get this job?) in collaboration with Seb Jones, an entrepreneurial Speyside brewer. Together they created a new craft IPA and pioneer a new kind of single malt whisky.

If you’re new to the whisky scene or if you’ve tried it before, the white sprit that goes into the casks to age is beautifully sweet and clean in flavour. This no age statement whisky takes advantage of this beautifully. The liquid is finished for just 3 months in the casks that held the IPA beer.

Unique in its zesty citrus notes with a whack of green apple, pears and all kinds of spring flavours hitting your tang taste factory. The initial slap of flavour is complimented by the refreshing green of fresh hops and rounded off with a long lasting, highly enjoyable sweetness.

This Malt is new in it’s approach to brewing and we are all for it! Experiment away good people Available at the bar now, just ask one of our stalwart staff and they will gladly talk to you for hours about it.