You may know us for our love of botanicals and everything that spins off from that but BOTANICAL RUM! Where have you been all our lives? Our good friends at Askival have been at it again, working their magic and coming out strong with this badboy… They’ve taken a blend of local water and aged Caribbean rums and infused them with spices and botanicals foraged and inspired by the beautiful Isle of Rum. I mean, why no one has thought of this before…? just proves their genius right…? It’s like, DUH! Anyway, the clever sausages used inspiration from the islands bounty and grabbed a load of kelp, roasted it, then fired in a perfect amount of spruce and meadowsweet, crafted it all together in some kind of magical island magic and Alohomora- the essence of the Island of Rum., in a Rum.

Our dearly departed (not dead – just gone off to build lazers) Kristoff has finely crafted a cocktail especially for this beautiful sprit – wrap your lips around a Tolkien’s View and let your eyes roll into the back of your head as the maraschino cherry schmelds with the salty/sweet, umami of the Rum.

It is actual heaven.